Color hair with Henna

Its been over 10 years that I got started with chemical treatments on my hair from hair coloring to perms, I did them all. Obviously these made me look fab but the end result was not that great. Gradually my hair got thinner, weaker and lifeless. I spent a bomb on hair spas & conditioners to compensate for the damage done but not much changed. To add to this I saw a few grey hair on the scalp, now I decided to opt for a natural method to color and nourish my hair. My only option was “henna”. But I was skeptical as I did not want to land up with an orange shade on my colored hair (with brown highlights). So I did my research, made some calls, spoke to some women I knew with gorgeous hair and took the plunge!
Result – fabulous deep burgandy, almost black (unless you are in the sun) colored hair, great texture, thickness, shine, reduced hair fall and no damage done as the process was completely natural.
This is the best recipe I recommend, it’s a 2 day process but completely worth the effort.
The proportions given below are as per my shoulder length, average volume hair, you can use the below to make a suitable paste for your hair length and volume.



Henna powder 50 grams ( I use a shahnaz or habib brand)
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Egg 1
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Honey 1 tbsp
Strained tea water 40 ml (boil 1 tsp tea in 1 cup water until the deepest color comes, let it cool & use)
Curd 2 tbsp

To apply:
Day 1 at night :
Use an iron container to mix and store the contents.
Add lemon juice to the egg & mix well, now add this mix and the rest of the ingredients one by one to maintain a toothpaste like consistency. Incase you mixture is too dry add some more lemon juice.
Now leave this mix for atleast 4 hours in this container.

Day 2:
Next morning you will the color changed of this paste, hence it is ready for application. Please use rubber gloves to apply on your washed hair, section wise. Incase you are unable to manage ask for prior help from a salon or house help to apply on your scalp and hair evenly. Make sure you are wearing dark and old clothes to avoid staining. Keep this for atleast 2 hours on your hair.
Now wash off with luke warm water only. Do not use any shampoo or conditioner on your hair today.
After your hair dries, follow with a good nourishing and conditioning hair oil massage. Use enough oil to deeply condition your hair. Do not use coconut oil as it frizzes the hair out. Your options are a mix of olive, castor & vitamin E oil, or plain mustard oil. Leave this oil overnight or more if possible.
Remember to put an old rag on you pillow to avoid staining at night.

Day 3:
Wash the oiled hair with a not so strong, mild, if possible organic or herbal shampoo. I used dove. Follow with a soft and smooth conditioner.

Voila! Your hair shall be colored with no damage and more nourished instead.
Please note the hair color will get deeper in the next few days after this wash as well.
It is recommended to do this once a month for darker color and healthier hair.

Do not apply chemical hair color before or after 3 months of henna application.

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