Did you know? These easy & affordable beauty hacks!

Did you know?

Today, looking fit, fashionable and attractive has emerged into top priorities of every person’s life. I’ve personally known so many people who have spend thousands of rupees on surgeries, just to look fit and fabulous. Lets just hang on for a minute and think, are these serious remedies really necessary? So, here we bring you some fun facts that would save your thousands of rupees and offer better results than any surgery in the world!

1. Apple cedar vinegar

This ingredient is a power packet! It aids in multiple problems like weight-loss, acne, indigestion, bad breath, sore throat, stuffy nose, sugar, bad breath etc.

2. Remove upper lip hair

To shroud the hair issue, apply turmeric paste or make a pack of beetroot/carrot juice with fresh milk cream, massage it on the upper lip area and rinse with cold water. To stop the hair growth at that patch, apply a pack of honey and turmeric powder before going to bed.

3. Dark circles and wrinkles?

Stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, menstruals, lack of sleep etcetera causes dark circles, wrinkles and gives an aged look. Use cucumber or a cotton ball dipped in rose water on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. This would refresh your eyes and show significant improvement as dark circles and wrinkles decrease. Applying mint juice might also help.
4. Say yes to banana!

Everyone loves to eat banana but did you know it can be used as a beauty ingredient too? Surprised? Check these equations out!

* Banana (Half ripped, mashed; apply for 20-25 mins) = Natural moisturizer
* Banana (Half ripped, mashed) + Honey
(Leave for 20 mins) = Removes black pigmentation of face.
* Banana (mashed) + Lemon juice (2 tsp) = Glowing face, reduces spots and blemishes.
* Banana (mashed) + Sugar = Natural Scrub, moisturizer.
* Banana + Avocado (mashed; leave for 20 mins) = anti-aging cream.
* Banana (Half, mashed; apply for 15 mins) = Say goodbye to puffy eyes!

5. Pimples – a nightmare.
Pimples always show up when we have a very important meeting or social gathering. Here are few quick fixes which wouldn’t eradicate pimples completely but might save us from the worst.

*Rub potato peel for minimum 20 mins.
* Apply tomato juice as a face-wash, especially on the affected area and rinse.
* Sprinkle orange peel.
* Splurge on some neem.
*Honey and band-aid covering the affected area. Leave overnight.

6. Women DON’T bulk up using weights for exercise.

This is a common myth. No! Regular exercise makes the muscles firm. Go ahead and lift weights. πŸ™‚

7. More you sweat, more calories you burn? No.
Sweat is a biological response that cools your skin and regulates internal body temperature, it has absolutely no relation with the amount of calories you burn.

8. Myth: More you exercise, the better.
Our muscles go through a really tough session during our workouts. The more we exercise, the more strain we cause to the muscles. Hence, working out is necessary, but in limits. Even muscles need time to recover.

9. Skipping sleep can result in weight GAIN.

Yes! you read it right. A person is ought to sleep for 7 hours minimum, or it results in weight gain. Partial sleep produces hormones which causes hunger.

10. Clicking pictures of everything can affect your mental health.

Clicking photograph of every possible thing around you, hampers your mental health and memory. You can try focusing your pictures well or just enjoy the beauty keeping your camera aside. πŸ™‚

11. The supreme workout : Suryanamaskar : yes it is the solution for 90% of your health & beauty problems. Wonder why are celebrities ditching the gym these days & hitting the yoga mat. Here is why! A 30 mins yoga regime of suryanamaskars & pranayams daily will help you loose weight, tone your body, give you great skin and hair with absolutely no investments at all. (may be just a yoga mat). A suryanamaskar (sun salutation) is like a massage for your internal organs and increses flexibility incredibly. To learn how to do it right here is the link! surya namaskar steps

Hope these hacks help you spend less & enjoy your life more!

Content contributor : Yashaswini P

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