10 Bridal beauty must haves (part 1)


So you are all set to be the bride and start your new journey, which will be fabulous, slightly hectic and demanding too with the new family commitments to travelling and meeting a lot of new people. And the top of the list task is going to be – looking good, all the time!
For you help, I am listing out a basic list of top 10 beauty care products that you must have as a part of your trousseau. You can pick brands you are most comfortable with in each category.

1. Multi vitamin supplement : make sure you have a tablet each day atleast a month prior to your wedding till the next 3 months. Anyways multivitamin supplements are a good thing to include in your daily routine, especially during a time like weddings as it will provide your body the missing nutrition due to hectic schedules and bizarre eating. You can pick a basic over the counter multivitamin like a Revital or a branded one like amway.

2. Exfoliation face wash: which will remove the dead skin and product residue from your skin, and help reveal a clean and glowing face. Try to get a soap free, gentle exfoliating, deep cleansing kind of a product. My recommendation is Himalaya gentle exfoliating daily face wash with apricot & aloe vera. Use it twice a week.

3. Day moisturising lotion : you need something light and brightening kind of a lotion, that also works on your skin while moisturising it. Since you will no longer have the time for frequent salon visits you have to maintain the complexion you had on your wedding day. So a Ponds flawless white lotion is a good recommendation. You could use a clinique or any other comfortable brand!

4. Eve Moisturising lotion: pick a mild, non greasy moisturising lotion for evening. Which works as a smooth make up base and a hydrant. I recommend an Olay moisturising lotion.

5. Sunscreen : Pick a sweat proof, oil free, light and clean sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50, UVA, UVB rays protection. Use it for every day time outing you make. Neutrogena ultra sheer, dry touch sunblock is a very effective and affordable too.

6. Cleansing lotion : make sure you remove your make up daily to deep cleanse your skin. I recommend body shop’s Vitamin E cleanser or a lakme cleansing lotion.

7. Night cream : Pick a suitable night cream or lotion to provide rejuvenation and nourishment of your skin overnight. A good night treatment prepares your skin for the next day. I recommend a ponds age miracle resurfacing serum to get rid of spots, pits, lines and uneven skin tone, or bodyshop’s Tea tree blemish fade lotion or any other suitable night cream.

8. Body lotion or butter : dont forget your body, you need to moisturise your body every morning and every night with a suitable body lotion or body butter. I recommend body shop’s cocoa butter or a vaseline cocoa glow lotion.

9. Heat resistant Hair serum/spray : if you are going to be traveling a lot or styling your hair a lot with tongs or hair iron or blow drying, you need to apply a heat resistant hair spray or serum to protect your hair from the heat damage and maintain the hair health. My recommendation is Loreal paris liss ultime reflexium serum.

10. Lip butter/ balm : this is an essential you cant miss. It has to be a nourishing lip balm that replenish your lips from the lip color damage. My recommendation a simple yellow vaseline or body shop’s vitamin E lip balm, or maybelline baby lips is great too.

So brides dont forget to shop right!

Till the next post, stay beautiful!

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