I am a Fauji kid | a Mother | Gardener | Speaker | Serial Motivator | Branding Expert| DIY crazy | Creator of #UmeniTherapy (India’s first coloring book for Adults)|Best mom blogger on Instagram (title by BNB mag)

I love being creative, witty, innovative and on my toes!!

I am passionate about Marketing, brand management and digital marketing. Here are some of my sessions for you to see – Antwak

Hence I take up projects as a brand consultant & also run a small gig as a social media influencer, helping brands get more visibility mainly through my instagram page : @tanvisparekh

Both my books Umeni therapy Vol 1&2 are available on Amazon!

I believe in the power of positive thinking & affirmations you can learn more about how to apply them from my youtube channel

Because of my exposure to many different kind of lifestyles & people in general with loads of traveling and exploring. Being an Indian Army officer’s daughter, living in more than 40 cities, working in different industries, there is a lot to share.

I am just another girl, with a pocket full of dreams, a bag full of adventures and a truck full of experiences.

I am here to share what I think about life’s various chapters, my experiences and learning in different arenas of life.

Half of what I may tell, you might already know but then its always better to hear it again from someone else 😉 #millenialproblems

My #flatlay pictures on Instagram are quite a hit 😜, so go check them out soon.

Browse around + find me on my other social media handles 🙂

See you around!

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