‘Buri Nazar’ How to save yourself from it!

Buri Nazar is a pandemic that has been scaring mothers or people for time unknown. Once you have a baby it is said that you have to protect your baby from the evil eye or buri nazar in every little activity starting from birth like no one should see your child’s face, you should not click pictures of your baby, you should not show any one your child while feeding or don’t show their bottle of milk, don’t dry their clothes out in the open and the list is endless. It is often said that the evil eye or buri Nazar your baby attracts can have multiple bad results such as bad health and much worse things too.

I have been warned so many times for posting #babyM s pictures on Instagram I was told that I am attracting trouble by doing so. Honestly that was so scary but then I decided to understand this phenomenon better.

The legend has it that pregnant women and babies both attract a lot of negative energy from the universe while they also receive a lot of blessings at the same time.

I believe this universe consists of all sorts of energies. Like we have a lot of positive energy floating around through all the good things in this world, to balance that out there is also an equal amount of negative energy if not more out there too.

I believe this is how this earth or this world or this universe is able to create a balance.

So yes I do believe in buri Nazar or evil eye but I also don’t let it control my life.

It is good to be aware of such energies and it’s even better if you can protect yourself or your loved ones from it. But not choosing to live your life to the fullest of the fear of this negative energy is the biggest punishment you can give yourself.

So once I became a mother I was also equally afraid of this ‘buri Nazar’ myself I was constantly worried that something may happen to my baby. But soon I realised that if I continue to think like this I may not be able to fully enjoy this period. So I gathered as much information as I could from my father (who is an expert in the matter of energies) and other elders about the prevention of it rather than trying to stop living my life!!

Here are some ways to protect your baby from the evil eye / buri nazar that I believe work great, even with adults.

🧿 Kajal ka Tika – black kohl dot can be made behind the ear or under the foot, cover it with some talcum powder to cover it up.

🧿 Keep a piece of solid Hing tied in a small zip lock bag & then put it in cloth pouch in baby’s bag. You can even a tie it on your baby’s cot.

🧿 A Black thread tied around the waist, wrists, ankles does wonders.

🧿 Every week on a thursday mop your house with water that contains rock salt & alum / phitkari.

🧿 While putting your baby to sleep, pray to whichever God or form of energy you believe in and ask for protection for your baby and yourself and also ask for removal of any negative energy that your child you may have attracted through the day.

🧿 Light a lamp / Diya / incense sticks / agarbatti every evening around sunset to cleanse the energy of your house. It’s best to do it in the temple of your house.

🧿Have a clean heart, don’t think negative thoughts. When your heart and mind is full of negative feelings such as hate, resentment, guilt, jealousy and unhealthy comparisons. You become a hub of negativity and also attract more negative energy. It is important to keep your energies clean, think good things, appreciate more, forgive more, stop comparing your baby, yourself or your life with others, crib less, complain less, stay calm & stay happy.

In the end trust the process, believe in the good, nurture your surroundings. Become a source of positivity & all will be well.


Review – Deyga organic products

Last month I got a chance to use some of the products from this brand called “Deyga”.

Their products are made with 100% natural ingredients, handmade, cruelty free & sustainable methods.

Let me tell you a bit about natural products, if you want to see results you have to give them time to work on your skin or body. In general natural products are great because they take their own natural time to bring the difference.

I tried 4 of their items & here is what I thought of them.

Rosehip seed oil :

I have an acne prone skin with a bunch of scars left behind. Apart from the acne I need to take care of my scars as well. This oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants & anti inflammatory properties which helps in treating the scars and inflammation on skin. Also cures stretch marks and fine lines to a great extent. I used it every night mixed with some aloe vera gel. And in a week I could see the difference.

Hair growth oil :

Eversince the lockdown started there has been a spike in my hairloss & frizz. So definitely wanted to treat that first. This rejuvenating formula strengthens thin and limp hair resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller and healthier locks. It helps reduce frizz and breakage, making the hair smoother and shinier. The good part is that it is infused with pure natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, and grapeseed oil. It has been formulated with Hibiscus and fenugreek, two potent ingredients that help stimulate hair growth. Massaging your scalp, using the carefully designed root applicator can help the oil penetrate evenly into the scalp. This can effectively help reduce hair loss, control dandruff, reduce itchiness, and make hair glossy and voluminous. The best part is that it doesn’t feel very heavy on the head and washes off easily as well.

Lemongrass essential oil:

I love citrus fragrances, so I definitely had to try this product. There are multiple uses of essential oils. Lemongrass oil is extracted by steam distillation of lemongrass leaves. Its antiseptic and astringent properties make it perfect for getting even and glowing skin. It also purifies pores, serves as a natural toner and strengthens skin structure. Applying it to the scalp strengthens hair follicles, controls hair loss and leaves hair shiny and fresh. To apply it on skin or hair you need to just add a drop or two to your base oil such as coconut oil or aloe vera gel for skin. Just a drop is enough. I also used it in my incense lamp where in about two tablespoons of water I added two drops of this oil and put a candle underneath. The fragrance from the incense lamp was good enough to make the whole room smell amazing.

Bamboo toothbrush:

I was impressed by this one as it had a strong bamboo base carved with smooth edges and very soft bristles. This toothbrush has been inspired from the ancient tradition that proudly speaks of goodness of charcoal. O yes! This bamboo toothbrush has got charcoal infused in its bristles which is a potent enemy of dirt and harmful bacteria. It’s like gifting yourself a deep clean and refreshing experience every time you brush.

Overall I had a pleasant experience with these products from deyga.in So if you have been hunting for natural organic products then I think you must log into their site and see what else they have to offer.

Until next time stay safe, stay healthy!