De-TAN Body Pack

When does one need a body pack/scrub?

Ideally you should use one every 15 days, but its a must do before any big day like : a wedding, date, show or an event where you wish to have a glowing body, as this procedure exfoliates, revitalizes and nourishes your skin all over, leaving it soft, supple and glowing.

Now, I know the salons are charging a bomb for their body scrubs & packs and the effect wears off sooner than expected.

With personal experience I am sharing with you some yummy, nourishing body pack/scrub recipes that will blow your mind off!

They are easy to make, apply and are very cost effective.

De-TAN body pack & scub

4 Table spoons of oatmeal

2 Table spoon curd/yoghurt

2 table spoon honey

1/2 a tea spoon Haldi/turmeric powder

1 table spoon Lemon juice

1 table spoon of dried orange peel (if available)

1 Table spoon besan/gram flour

Whip the mixture well with a spoon to blend in all the ingredients.

Apply on the entire body, spreading well. Let it dry for 15 mins.

After it dries up slightly massage this pack in circular motion to let the outer layer peel off.

Follow by a warm water shower (do not use soap after the pack for atleast 12 hours), if possible apply baby oil or a moisturizer after the bath to lock in the goodness of this pack.

This pack removes TAN, dark marks, or uneven skin tone, lightens & brightens the skin color giving you a bright glow all over.

PS: Do not apply on Cuts or open wounds.

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