Get your Base right!

I finally start writing about my favorite topic here – Make up, which is an art much like painting, but to paint a pretty picture your need a plain and even base.

So I begin with the very first part of make up – your base.

What is a base?

It can be a foundation + concealer mix that provides you with an even complexion to begin make up on. Now the most common Indian myth is that one wears a base to fairer???!!! Nooooooo. Base helps you get an even color similar to your complexion only, if you use even a shade lighter or darker you will end up looking grey. So the only purpose is to get an even color and that’s it! An even base helps you cover flaws like blemishes, acne marks etc and blend it well with your face color. Post an even base, when you do the eyes and lips it enhances the features well, So to get the best out of your rest of the make up, the base is critical..

How to buy a one?

For an Indian or Asian complexion we need make up which is made of the yellow color palette. If it’s an English or American complexioned person we need make up made of the pink/beige color palette. Most of the Indian cosmetic brands do not use the yellow palette hence you land up looking grey post make up. However its easy to pick a brand by going through the range of their colors. if their shades include beige to brown tones then they might have something just right for you. It’s important to try the shade you like on your face, please do not but something that makes you look fairer or darker than your complexion you only need your exact color and nothing else. Also don’t rush into buying one right away, do your bit of searching and looking before you invest in one.

Which brands & products do I recommend?

My most fabulous discovery has been with the brand MAC, not so difficult to find in Indian metros at exclusive MAC storws. All I had to do was to walk into one get a trial and found something just right for my skin. In Pune you can walk into the MAC store at Koregaon Park Plaza mall, ground floor.

There are three products I absolutely love:


The MAC foundation: a liquid formulation with SPF, a part of their mineral makeup range. It light on the skin, I usually apply it with a drop of my Olay daily moisturizer, so that it doesn’t dry my face out. It helps me get an even tone, not too heavy. The simplest way to apply it is to take a drop or 2 mix it with another drop of your light weight moisturizer, use a flat foundation brush (I use a Color bar one which is of pretty good quality & price range around Rs.500) to dip in the mix  and paint face in circular motion ,  the key is to start from the forehead and go till the end of the neck line. do not leave the eyelids or corners. Price Range – Around Rs.2000.

The MAC Studio fix compact: this is again my favorite find, can’t live without this one. Its a compact with excellent coverage, and needs to be put with a small pad given with it, covering every part of the face and neck. Do not do the circular motion thing here, a mere spread kind of movement will help it cover all areas smoothly. Price Range – Around Rs.2000.

In case you are looking for  heavy make up for an event or party you could use the MAC foundation first and cover it with a layer of the compact powder.

So go ahead, get your base right!

2 thoughts on “Get your Base right!

  1. Hello there, hope you are well, i am also Indian, and find it hard to find the right match for my skin tone, its either too yellow or to pink toned. I have a review about the revlon colourstay foundation which is a combination of yellow and pink tones which is a good match for me, its not perfect but, esp when i have a tan, but it was the best i could find. i have recently purchased a foundation from BOOTS and mix the two foundations and now its perfect for the summer when my skin is slightly more tanned.please check out my blog


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