I am a social helper (atleast trying to be) !!

I often wonder if people ever bother or think about what their role is supposed to be in a society.
Most of the people I see around want to help the society in some way or the other but fail to think of ways how to. So the easiest for them is donate some money, psychologically for them this is a much easier option than actually making some noise or spreading awareness. But in reality the latter is a much easier and effective method to actually change the society for the better.
Money solves issues/matters temporarily, until its affects last but its not going to make a difference forever. But raising a voice or spreading awareness is like starting a fire, you never know when it will stop and where it would stop, but on its way there it is sure to spread the light, wide and bright.
The problem with our country is we don’t listen/pay a heed to anything until it becomes the talk of the town.And for some matters to be become a talk of the town it takes forever or never causing immense damage to many lives. Some matters/issues don’t even make it to the news headlines and die somewhere on the way.
Our country does not need just donations, it needs awareness which is a form of education for all the members of the society we live in no matter where we live.
Do we really need to be this ignorant or are we just to scared to do anything about it or do we really believe “This can never happen to me!!!” . I don’t know but I see the dedication people have playing games or looking at other peoples profiles/pictures on the net for hours but if you ask them to join a movement/spread a piece of information , the efforts are minimal.
I am not saying no one does it, what I mean is the number(of people doing this) is way lesser than what it can be.
Ever since the realisation of the “Power of Internet” (pls read as Facebook/linkedin/blogs) dawned upon me I have decided to make a change in whatever little way I can, In spreading useful information and participating in educating people on issues that can be helped.

You can join me in too and be a social helper just I aspire to be 🙂

Some lines from the Movie “Rang de basanti” are ringing in my head as I write this:

सरफ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है
देखना है ज़ोर कितना बाज़ू-ए-क़ातिल में है………….. (Goose flesh)

So, here are some causes I support and you can join them too as you prefer!

If you would like a support and NGO that is struggling to save lives of women/children in anyway feasible please click on :

If you would like to support a case of a girl fighting for justice against dowry harassment/fraud NRI marriage or would like to share a similar story, please click on:

If you know of someone struggling with suicidal tendencies/depression/trauma and needs immediate help, pls click on:

The least you can do is share, you never know who needs help!!

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