Do you believe in ‘Karma’ ?

Yes??? No…??? or not sure???

Well, I certainly do.
And this realisation did not arrive overnight at least not initially.
I had heard this many a times – Karma counts. However I often felt that whoever was maintaining the accounts for the good/bad deeds and their outcomes, sitting up there was either drunk or really upset with us – the residents of earth, because he was turning out to be absolutely unreasonable in giving each one what they deserved.
All I could see was the bad were flourishing and the good were suffering and the time limits for each were undefined.
It angered me as I thought, where did all my good karma results go. Why am I not where I deserve to be???
I am sure you may have also thought this way at least at some point in your life, haven’t you??

But I guess my good karma paid off when I had the most amazing experience of my life, last year.
It was something like this – with all the troubled times and all the difficulties I had to face for a couple of dark years of my life there was this one horrible habit I picked up was – Faith-less-ness, I could not instill my faith in anything – No god, No life, No prayers,No nothing.
This habit hampered my ability of being at peace with anything or even believe any treatment that could help.
Hence things just could not get better at all.
But then a day came when all my good karma paid off I guess – i decided to go through a Past Life regression session. I had no idea what it would do to me.
It was a life changing experience not because it does some magic to change things for the better in an hour, but because whatever happens you re-experience the scenes with every inch of your soul.
You don’t have rely or believe someone Else’s version/vision of your past or future. this is something you see for yourself.
As difficult as it may seem for you to believe right now, it was the same for me.
After i finished my session, I even thought that it was probably my own imagination and nothing more.
But what happened over the next few hours was an eye-opener – a drastic healing of physical illness/wounds took place in the next few hours, the fear of death diminished, the fact that someone – your master soul; up there is really watching/keeping track of everything you do, was a feel good factor. You also realise you went through a lot to actually get this life to live, so you do your best to fulfill all your desires. 
It was a life changing experience.
You actually find what you have been looking for, all by yourself.

For those who have tried it all and haven’t gotten anywhere I suggest you go through this at least once in your life.
No wonder there was so much of commotion all this while about “karma”, previous lives and similar beliefs, if they were really not true they wouldn’t have stayed in the news for so long!!!
Happy regressing 🙂

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