Pune’s Famous Road (non)sense!

The most common phrase I hear about Pune from its travelers or residents for a long time is “lovely city but bad traffic sense”.
What exactly happens on Pune roads that gets us such a bad name??
Well, I have been here for more than a decade and have lived in many other cities in the country (thanks to being a fauji kid), so yes I have obviously seen what the traffic is like in other cities too. But there is this peculiar attitude you see only in Pune, on the roads, which is so unlike its climate or people!!
Some instances I have observed & may be if you have lived here, you can relate with it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Everyone seems to be a part of secret formula one race, which allows them to do what it takes to reach their destination 1st.
  • Even if you can see there is going to be a jam, from somewhere a bikewala will come & block the road for the big trailer/bus to pass, hence leading to a bigger jam
  • Trying to take a U turn anywhere, anytime is a crime.
  • There is no such rule of overtaking only from the right!
  • You shall get dirts despite all your efforts to drive safe, basically with no fault of yours.
  • Most of the people are professionally trained to give dirts & drive at the same time.
  • All Pedestrians seem to have an invisible brake to your vehicle, which they shall use to cross the road when you are coming at a decent speed, by showing you “THE HAND”
  • There is always this wanna be boy speeding through the most crowded streets to impress all the women in one go!
  • We do not have/use zebra crossings!! oh wait, what are those for??
  • Bus, rickshaw and cab drivers are the official owners of all the roads, so do NOT mess with them!!

ย What bothers me most is, this city is known as the oxford of the east, with a large number of schools, colleges & professional institutes. Not just this, with the high rise of the IT/ITES industry there is huge influx of well educated professionals from all areas.
Yet, we don’t see that education on the roads??
Firstly is anybody even educating them about how to drive/ride?? Keeping aside the humor the roads are getting worse by the day, getting more and more unsafe for everyone traveling on them.

Pune is the epicenter of fatal road accidents in the country. The accidental death rate for Pune is 89.4%, the highest in the country. The rising number of fatalities needs immediate attention from the policy makers to the commuters. A study carried out by the โ€“revealed that Nearly 3 people die in road accidents in Pune every day.
Can you imagine the number of lives that could be saved with a change in the road culture of this city??!!
ย Its very shocking and disappointing that RTO, educational & professional institutions are not taking the initiative to begin the culture of safe driving in the city!
Here are somethings everyone could do & support:

  • RTO should have a driving test + IQ test every 3/5 years
  • Educational institutes & professional organizations should have special workshops & trainings on safe driving cultures, starting from their own students, staff & cab drivers
  • Corporates should team up with social groups of the city as a part of their corporate social responsibility and conduct special trainings/activities for the public transport drivers.

May be, these small steps could bring about a huge change & help Pune roads to get safer!

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