Incredible celebrity transformations

I have been trying so hard to motivate people around me start some incredible fitness routine, but I thought may be my persuasions will have a better impact when I will have some proof to show you all, how some celebrities transformed their bodies and their lives too.

So here are some pictures that will inspire you and motivate you to take your fitness to a whole new level!

It’s incredible how these celebrities worked hard, and became icons today. This post will make you believe if you’ve got determination, focus and the right attitude, you can achieve everything your mind can conceive.

Zarine widely famous as Katrina kaif look-alike. The actress was over 100 kilos before her debut in film,Veer. she weighs 55 kgs now, and looks super-hot.ibphotocollage20140507_193000.preview
Sonam was around 86 kgs before her debut in films. She had to drop 30 kgs for her debut film, Saawariya.
Much like his cousin sister Sonam, the actor Arjun weighed over 170 kilos, who eventually lost 68 kgs.

The bubbly actress Sonakshi too weighed about 90 kilos before Salman Khan mentored her! The actress worked really hard in the gym to lose 30 kgs to fit into Bollywood.


Jackky used to weigh 130 kilos before his film career. In two years, the actor attained a drool-worthy body, as he lost 50 kgs.


Kareena was always criticised for her weight when she entered Bollywood as she was quite chubby. But after that the actress focused on gaining hot figure through power yoga.


The Bollywood filmmaker Karan johar was 120 kilo in his teenage. After that in his late 20s KJo began working on his body and lost a substantial amount of weight.


Alia who was around 68 kilos in teenage. Before her Bollywood debut in Student Of The Year, the actress worked hard on her body and she lost about 15 kgs in just three months to attain a hot bikini body!


Parineeti’s love for Pizzas and Pastas make her fatty before her acting career. She had no Bollywood dreams, but her destiny landed her in B Town. Parineeti, who was around 85 kilos before her acting career, weighs around 55 kgs now.


Now if you are inspired enough check out this simple inch loss challenge here :

Stay tuned for more inspiration & ideas!


3 foods bad for your health

We all know a bit about which foods are good for our health & beauty but often forget about the ones that do good harm to our overall health & metabolism. Remember no beauty tip is gonna work if you are unhealthy. You gotta have a healthy body to respond to every thing you do on the outside. Hence maintain the balance with the healthy regime & diet for the inside of your body too.

So whether you are a bride to be, a model, a working woman or man, pregnant or just a simple housewife, if these foods are a part of your daily diet then its time to slow down their consumption and eventually eliminate them from your diet for healthy & beautiful body.

1. White stuff : all your cornflour, maida, white rice, baking soda, white bread, salt & sugar have to be eliminated from your diet. These things make you FAT.

Mainly because the flours are processed foods that do not contain the required nutrition needed for your body, instead opt for whole grains here is why? Refined grain carbohydrates are unhealthy, as they have been depleted of their original fiber content (think of foods made from white flour like cakes, cookies, biscuits, white bread, etc). Their carbohydrate energy is soaked quickly like other simple sugars. Whole grains are healthier than refined carbohydrates. A low carb diet can be harmful to the body, as the body gets the required glucose from the brain and red blood cells. In such a case, the liver and the kidneys have to metabolize protein for producing essential glucose needed by red blood cells and the brain. If this does not happen, the body can get affected adversely. Bad carbs come from foods like soft drinks, alcohol, cakes, chips, cookies, white bread and white rice. Try to avoid them as much as possible, and consume the good carbs to have a healthy body.

2. Cooking Oil : Cooking oil in inevitable while preparing a dish. Whether it is a salad or main course, you need to use oil. But choosing the right cooking oil can save you from heart diseases, cholesterol blockages, obesity and digestion problems. The key is to use oils in moderation only. Choose healthy options of Rice bran oil, olive oil, butter, ghee, mustard oil, sunflower oil. Any other refined oils will do your body no good. Especially in packaged snacks & bites like cheetos, kurkure, etc.

3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): A form of concentrated salt, MSG was found to cause headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and asthma attacks, and in animal studies, to be toxic to the liver and even harm pregnant & nursing mothers. Researchers commented, “There is considerable evidence to suggest that consumption of MSG is a serious public health problem….” it is found in ready to eat foods & fast foods too. Read up the ingredients of what you eat to find out.

I advise to look up these three items in your diet and also find out more about them before consuming them excessively.

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