DIY : Super nourishing hair oil

I was working on making my very own hair oil which would be a cure for all my hair problems. Why? Well I was fed up of using specific oils for specific problems. For eg if I got an oil for hair fall it would mostly not help my dry hair issue and vice versa. Hence this compelled me study and understand further to make that ‘all in one’ hair oil that can rescue my hair from all common hair problems like – hair loss, hair thinning, dry & frizzy hair, scalp dryness, dandruff and provide deep conditioning, nourishment, great shine, lustre, health to the hair.
After a month long successful experiment and practice this fabulously nourishing oil is ready. And I am sharing this magical recipe with you!!!!!!
The ingredients have been chosen considering their compatibility and nutritional value. In case you are allergic to any just skip that from this recipe.What you need is :
A clear glass jar or bottle to hold atleast 200 ml of oil, wide mouthed.
I took one part measurement of 25 ml only, however you can change it as per your requirement. Try to use as many organic elements as possible.
4 parts coconut oil
1 part almond oil
1 part castor oil
1 part olive oil
4 vitamin E 400 mg capsules (prick the capsule and squeeze the oil out)
1 part bhringraj oil from biotique1 part mustard oil.Incase you feel the mixture is too thick you could add some additional coconut oil, but do not make it too loose.Take a steel bowl add all the oils and add1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds aka methi1 tablespoon kalonji aka nigella seeds1 tablespoon flaxseedsA handful of kadipatta leaves washed & towel dried.4-5 sprigs of Tulsi2 sprigs of rosemaryStir & put in the oven for 40 mins at minimum heat of 100°.Let it cool down then strain & store in a glass bottle.(You can even do this in the sun, if you have good sunlight access.
Let this concoction sit in the glass jar in the sun for atleast 7 days.
After the first 3 days you will observe increase in the size of the seeds and the color of the oil turning slightly yellow, which means it is getting ready.After 7 days your super nourishing hair rescue treatment is ready to use.)Apply on the scalp with a good massage on your hair, leave it overnight, wash off next morning.To me it gave excellent results, killing the frizz and adding a smooth texture to my hair. I have noticed better hair quality with regular use. This concoction is good to use for the next 6 months. Do check the expiry dates of your ingredients, they should be of best quality.
So go ahead make one for yourself and let me know your experience.Have a happy hair day 🙂