Kill the bad breath!

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Your mouth is the most used and abused organ of the body.

There are a lot of great things you do with that mouth of yours, don’t let a bad breath kill them all 🙂

A bad smelling mouth acts as a big spoiler, when you are at a special date, a public event, a party, a wedding or that great job interview. And often you may not have a clue about the devastation you are causing your self image and to the people around. In the personal or professional environment too, it leaves a bad impression. Now what you need to remember is you have this same set of teeth since you were 15 and you have make them last till you last, so you gotta take care and keep you mouth healthy as long as possible.  Its time you take a reality check and fix this with a few simple(tried & tested) practices.

1. Brush + Floss :

This is the ultimate commandment to keep your teeth and mouth health at the tops. You must brush twice a day, come what may!!! Even if you are dead tired, drunk, sick or whatever, do not sleep without brushing your teeth. And don’t step out of you room without doing the same next morning. Invest in a right kinda toothbrush which is just right for your teeth, with bristles not too soft or too harsh. Twice a day is a must, but if you think you need it thrice – Do it! Now, Flossing is a life saver, once a week is a decent plan to start with, flossing basically helps you get rid of food particles stuck in the gaps of your teeth!! so if you don’t floss imagine you let those particles stay there and rot!! Yuck!! and that is bound to cause a stink! So start flossing, and you can thank me later 🙂

2. Mouthwash: This is a life saver, no really when you are just stepping out for that party, date, interview or any public event. Don’t miss out on this one! 30 seconds of swishing and swashing a capful of a good mouthwash cant do wonders. Follow it up after your brush routine or whenever you think its needed in the day. Get your self a nice mouthwash, that you would like. A good mouthwash fills your breath with freshness and a nice and clean flavor. A nice and clean breath adds great value to your personality.

3.Toungue cleaning : A gross as I find this act, please don’t ignore its importance. It helps you get rid of all the deposit and phlegm on the tongue and kind of revives your taste buds as well. Use a copper (tamba) toungue cleaner, as it adds some ayurvedic benefits as well. This practice is advised every day or every alternate day.

4. Water: Just if you thought brushing, flossing, and mouth washing in the morning will take care of everything, NO. You gotta be at it, and you best friend is water. Drink a glass of water after every meal, coffee, chai or a smoke to flush away food and nicotine residue of your mouth. If you don’t this residue stays and ferments faster because of the saliva causing a horrible breath.

5. Fruits and veggies: believe it or not raw fruits and veggies are the best teeth whiteners and mouth cleansers. Their fiber content act like plaque fighters. Try eating at least one whole raw fruit per day that needs your mouth to chew and bite a lot such as a carrot, apple, pear, cucumber, sugarcane, etc. and watch you mouth health to its best.

6. Keep rescue handy: There are some awesome kinds of mints and gums in the market use them to your rescue. Only think to keep in mind is to have sugar free stuff, as the sugar leftover in the saliva cause worse breath. So opt for sugar free gums and mints that fit your purse or pocket but add great value.

So go ahead freshen up your senses and delight your neighbors with a fresh breath! LOL.