Incredible celebrity transformations

I have been trying so hard to motivate people around me start some incredible fitness routine, but I thought may be my persuasions will have a better impact when I will have some proof to show you all, how some celebrities transformed their bodies and their lives too.

So here are some pictures that will inspire you and motivate you to take your fitness to a whole new level!

It’s incredible how these celebrities worked hard, and became icons today. This post will make you believe if you’ve got determination, focus and the right attitude, you can achieve everything your mind can conceive.

Zarine widely famous as Katrina kaif look-alike. The actress was over 100 kilos before her debut in film,Veer. she weighs 55 kgs now, and looks super-hot.ibphotocollage20140507_193000.preview
Sonam was around 86 kgs before her debut in films. She had to drop 30 kgs for her debut film, Saawariya.
Much like his cousin sister Sonam, the actor Arjun weighed over 170 kilos, who eventually lost 68 kgs.

The bubbly actress Sonakshi too weighed about 90 kilos before Salman Khan mentored her! The actress worked really hard in the gym to lose 30 kgs to fit into Bollywood.


Jackky used to weigh 130 kilos before his film career. In two years, the actor attained a drool-worthy body, as he lost 50 kgs.


Kareena was always criticised for her weight when she entered Bollywood as she was quite chubby. But after that the actress focused on gaining hot figure through power yoga.


The Bollywood filmmaker Karan johar was 120 kilo in his teenage. After that in his late 20s KJo began working on his body and lost a substantial amount of weight.


Alia who was around 68 kilos in teenage. Before her Bollywood debut in Student Of The Year, the actress worked hard on her body and she lost about 15 kgs in just three months to attain a hot bikini body!


Parineeti’s love for Pizzas and Pastas make her fatty before her acting career. She had no Bollywood dreams, but her destiny landed her in B Town. Parineeti, who was around 85 kilos before her acting career, weighs around 55 kgs now.


Now if you are inspired enough check out this simple inch loss challenge here :

Stay tuned for more inspiration & ideas!


Why should you drink hot water?


So I have this crazy habit of downing a few glasses of hot water right after waking up, and I would want to have it no matter where I am.

Its a great habit I know, but seldom do I remember the benefits of it, so I decided to go back, read & chat up about it, just so that I can share the benefits of starting your day with a couple of glasses of hot water.

Hope you get the message and start on it right away.

1. Aids Digestion : Warm water is very important when it comes to digestion. It makes it very easy to break down food and also help the process of digestion.It also helps break down oily food by making it easier to digest.

2. Flush toxins : Drinking warm water on hot days help the process of perspiration, which is very great for your skin & complexion.Doing this will help you cool down and help your body to flush out toxins. It also helps in purifying the blood stream. Along with improving and cleansing the urinary tract by flushing out any bacteria from the urinary tract.

3. Great bowel health: Bowel movements stimulation is very vital for every body to maintain health. Drinking a glass of warm water along with walking will help to stimulate healthy bowel movements.

4. Emotional health : Research has proven that drinking warm water helps with removal of toxic deposits from the nervous system. It is believed that these toxins if not cleansed and eliminated can have negative effects on a person’s emotions and thoughts. Drinking warm water helps to purify your mind to maintain a balanced mental state, removing sluggish metabolism, sleepiness, dullness and negativity in your body.

5. Hydration : Warm water’s biggest health benefit to an individual lies in the fact that it provides essential hydration to the body. Proper hydration helps in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body. It also helps the kidneys to function. Good hydration stands as a base for biochemical and metabolic processes in the body. It really helps you get rid of a bad hangover too.

6. For healthy Ear,Nose & throat : Drinking warm water aids in reducing and killing harmful infections that you might suffer from. Warm water increases the circulation to the gastrointestinal tract and also vitally decreases the amount of mucous in mucous producing tracts of your body.It eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria that reproduce and infect our body. Drinking warm water topped with honey and lemon helps reduce congestion and keeps you hydrated when you are fighting a cold. It is the best homemade medicine to help fight a bad cold. You could either drink it or gargle it with some salt in the warm water. This also helps to prevent a sore throat. Hence very helpful in tonsils, ear blockage, cold and throat infections.

7. Weight loss: Drinking warm water helps burn calories to aid in weight loss.

And no harm having a glass before sleeping too.
Now, you better start soon to reap the benefits of a healthy body!

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