How can we connect with the millennials?

Yes, we all have much to say about the millennial kids. But when we come to think of it, it is actually not their fault alone.
Those who were born in the 80s will agree with me that we had limited entertainment channels and a very focused / straight education system, yet we all lost the path sometimes but could get back on track faster because the socioeconomic growth around us wasn’t going crazy!!

But today there are 4 major problems the youngsters are facing –

1. Everything around them is changing: be it technology, things, trends, all of it. before they can get the hang of one game another is launched, to keep up with this pace they begin altering their behaviors for example not being too sure of one thing alone, getting bored too soon, etc.

2. Education is not growing at par with the technology: The education systems in India still have the same model of assessment and curriculum with minor introductions of technology here & there. In fact the 11th/12th std or MBA students are not even aware of many career trends today, so how do we expect them to be focused & dedicated. Did you have the subject back in school called “Moral science”. Do you remember anything about it?? Well I do, because it left a great positive impact on my mind, it made a huge difference in the way I treat humans, animals & plants. This is what our new age kids need.They need emotional education. They need to learn compassion, love, respect, how else will they grow up to be positive on any platform?

3. Money has changed the game: We only see spenders around us, Some spend on food, some on clothes, some on holidays & cars, and some on all. And how do we know that – Instagram/Facebook/twitter. Enticing, Inviting pictures everywhere, compelling you to spend!! to be there!! Maybe, parents are at fault somewhere but don’t you think we all as a society have a role to play here too?

4.Too much information: Yes with technology we have information on our fingertips but with that comes the risk of exposure to a lot of the bogus, distracting, demotivating information as well. And may be we haven’t prepared our kids/youngsters to handle that well, may be we have not invested enough time & efforts in establishing a strong belief system. A robust belief system that helps them differentiate right from wrong, or easy from worthy, or addictive from nourishing. May be as parents/elders/uncles/aunts we have not prepared them to handle this environment we have today. This is the reason why the cases of bullying and suicides are only going up.

 Well, as a professional and a human with 32 years of experience in life, Facing the good, bad & the ugly; I feel the need to interact, empower & enlighten the students of today. They need this. We cant stand on the sidewalk and watch the fun.
This will be my way of contributing to the society in a minuscule way.
I am daily looking for opportunities to work with students.
I have begun my journey on the subject of emotional education. 
With My book #UmeniTherapy I am reaching out to young teens & adults encouraging them to use art as a strong form of de-stressing, mindfulness and creative thinking. I feel as parents or elders we need to encourage people to experience & explore the joy of simple things.
Inspired by the book, I conduct art workshops with teens & adults, just like an additional fun activity, we all get together at a suitable venue and help each other to unleash our creativity on the canvas.

Apart from this guest lectures in Colleges and schools are on my list of things I am already doing. I speak on generic motivational topics to specific to my industry as well. If you are associated to any such educational institute, wherein I could step in as guest speaker, feel free to contact me.The link to one of my talks is here.

This is my way of getting out of the complaining zone of “what is happening to the world?” to “Let’s do something to make the world a better place!” Because Each time I interact with students, I come home learning a thing or two about my own self as well.

My suggestion to you is come participate with me, Join in or do your own bit to help our country’s young students, to find a path. You can help by sharing your work expertise online or offline, talk to the kids around you , Hire them as interns in your company or any other ways you can thing of. What ever it may be just try & work with them and start including them in your societies.

Learnings from a traffic jam

Pune is not a huge metro city, we have a good mix of big & small roads, tiny lanes & one-ways, with a dash of faulty signals & graciously distributed pot holes too. Almost every day there is a jam on some or the other road.
I tried to find a reason, relating this situation to a deeper life meaning, trying to understand why does a traffic jam happen?? It is still the same road, same people, just because there is a faulty traffic light or absence of a traffic policeman, Why does it all have to go out of control???
Despite being educated, despite being aware of the traffic rules and despite the basic common sense training, is it soooooo difficult for us to think logically & take steps to ease a jam??
Last evening, I spent an hour in a jam that could have been solved in just 15 mins tops and I observed the behaviour of people on the road.
When I got stuck in the jam, the left side of the road stopped moving, slowly the entire right side of the road was taken over by the left side commuters on bikes(majorly) & cars. They just wanted to go first. Now, This caused an extended jam because no traffic could move on the either side of the road. All everyone had to do was stick to their side of the road and let the situation ease out, instead everyone decide to block all outlets.
 Now I thought to myself, are we all this stupid??? May be yes!
The key things I learnt here:

  • Rules make life easier: At least in this case! Jumping a red light, driving on the wrong  and other similar acts would have been allowed if it helped a smooth traffic. So obviously there is a reason they are not! These rules are put in place for a reason, let us learn to trust this process and stay out of bending or breaking them.  It is not cool to break every rule in life, specially the one that can causes others inconvenience or even causes you a fatal injury. Think before you want to show your bravado or fearlessness on the road. It does not translate into you being the same in real life.
  • Me first attitude: Traditionally the biggest cause of any traffic jam is the” me first” attitude. Someone in the crowd wants to win a race or just does not want to get stuck or something like that, He/she takes the lead to cause a jam. Ironically he/she does not realise that they are causing a huge chaos & large waste of time with that one stupid move. Similarly in life I think it’s ok to let someone go first, may be he needs to, trust people, don’t try to get out of everything without caring about what price the other person, the one right behind you will have to pay for this move. This highly selfish behaviour causes ambulances & genuine commuters to be stuck for hours with no fault of their own. Whether you are a slow or a fast driver, it won’t cost you much to just not cause everyone else trouble. Be patient, think like a grown up.

  •   No Compassion: Everyone wants to get their destination, agreed, but can we be a bit more compassionate towards other humans on the road. Rage is bad & so is ignorance. I see some people just ignoring people who want to take a pass even on an empty road. May be if you let others go first, it will solve the problem faster. This applies to all of us, the one who is letting you go first & the one who is going first. Be compassionate, maybe he needs to go first or faster. Be responsible. Show some regard, yes you do not know every person on the road, but it won’t harm to develop a mutually respecting society around us.

  •  There are some good people: Every jam brings forward some heroes. The ones who care about everyone, who step out of their car & tell people what to do. They take the lead & solve the problem. Some help while sitting in their cars too. It is amazing to see how only a few people care enough to get up & help a stuck school bus or an ambulance. These people don’t get any sort of recognition or credit, they are forgotten soon after you get out of the jam, but they still do it! Respect them, be like them, get inspired by them, all because we need more like them.

  • Start with disciplining yourself:  Like someone once rightly said “To Change others, start with yourself.”  After you complain about others & their reckless driving, spend a moment to introspect, are you a responsible driver/rider? Do you make efforts to not further cause a jam?  Do you unnecessarily jump signals or break random traffic rules because it’s easy & fun?  Do you contribute effectively on the road in a situation? If you don’t, it is never too late to change that. We need to bring about that positive change, for a better Pune, for a better India  & a better tomorrow. We need to bring that change for our younger generations to come. They will learn & adapt to a world we create for them, if that means recklessness & irresponsible attitudes on the road or in life, they will learn just that! To teach them compassion we must practice that too.

🚦🚦Hope this inspires you to be a responsible driver/rider!🚦🚦
Stay blessed 💟