Winter skincare tips for Men.


With so much focus on women skincare, the men are often neglected. So here we are putting the spotlight on Men and their skincare needs.
Gentlemen, we understand well that Winter can be harsh for your skin. And there is no reason for you to not look your best now.
So, it’s time to step up your regime. And no, there is nothing unmanly about making sure that you have healthy, clear skin. These simple tips and tricks should get you through the winters, which can cause havoc on your skin, making it dry and dull.

1. Lather up and cleanse: A good cleanse helps slough away the dead skin cells and dirt that stick together, making your face look dull. Preferably, use a wash with glycolic acid or any other not so drying face wash twice a day. Also, try to use an exfoliating scrub thrice a week. This preps your skin for a cleaner and closer shave with minimal ingrown hair and also unclogs your pores.
2. Moisturize: Yes, men can moisturize. No, it does not make you any less of a man. This should be the next step after cleansing, especially in winter when your skin becomes dry. Apply when skin is still slightly damp to lock in the moisture. Look for water based one if you have oily skin prone to breakouts. There are lots of new products from nivea, ponds, garnier, vaseline to choose from!
3. Shaving: Shaving in winter can be cumbersome and tiring because your hair grows out thicker; thus making it more painful to shave. Exfoliate skin before shaving, and wash your face with warm water to open up your pores. Apply a pre shaving cream or gel to ensure the skin stays moist and warm. You can also use a cream enriched with Vitamin E oil post the process. Remember, smoother the skin, closer the shave.
4. Lip service: The skin on your lips is super sensitive, and there is nothing more revolting than dry cracked lips on a cold winters day. It takes longer to repair if it gets damaged, so it’s all about protection! Use a flavourless chap stick (try carmex or Vaseline) with SPF to lock in the moisture.
5. Use sunscreen: Yes, you can get sunburnt even in winter. No matter what season it is, this step is key. Damaging rays slows down the production of collagen, speeding up the aging process. Protect your skin from the harsh UV rays using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
6. Stay hydrated: As your body is composed of more than 60% water, drinking water helps hydrate the body from inside out. Drink lots of it, hot or cold, whatever suits you. Also keep tabs on your alcohol and caffeine intake; which make you dehydrated, reversing the progress.
7. Exercise: Working out makes you sweat, purging your body of toxins that clog your pores and cause breakouts. It also boosts oxygen and blood flow to your skin, instantly making it more radiant and healthy.
8. Get good sleep: No, looking like a zombie from The Walking Dead is not a good look for you. Clocking in the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep will give your skin plenty of time to catch up with the day’s wear and tear.
9. Eat healthy: Always remember, you are what you eat. Fruits and vegetables are your friends. Variety is the key aspect here, so stock up! Each fruit or vegetable is filled with vitamins, fibre & antioxidants, which help clear and nourish your system from the inside.
10. Oil it up: in winters you require extra moisture to avoid your skin and hair from drying up. So indulge in a good olive oil massage for your whole body and scalp at least once a week. You could add some baby oil or vitamin E or aromatic oils to your base oil and enjoy the process. Its ideal in winters to soak up some sun after the massage and follow with a hot shower.

In short we hope these tips help you look your best this winter 🙂

Contributed by Saumya Chawla