Instagram Growth hacks 2020

So many of you have been messaging me, asking me if I know any hacks to grow your Instagram account.

Let’s be honest whether you are small business owner or you are an aspiring content creator, writer, model, business coach, etc, All want to grow on Instagram!!! Mainly because it’s a great platform & can do wonders for you, when used wisely. After all digital Life is the present & future of this world.

The more I interacted with people the more I realized how so many of them are clueless about it & are also being misguided with bogus information. And they really don’t know where to start to make great profile & to keep it growing.

Hence this post!

I am sharing my favorite hacks that work for me & will work for you in 2020!

  • Quality – This has to be the top most priority for you. With so many pictures being uploaded on Instagram every day, one way to stand out is to create quality content. Please don’t expect tons of likes, comments or mentions with $#@* pictures & no useful information, nobody has time for that! I understand not everybody has access to great equipment to create what you want. But if you are taking pictures from your phone, learn tricks to click better pictures for that, learn to edit well, make sure your content is visually appealing & up to the mark. Something that excites people to come to your post and like it! Poor quality content just drops your engagement & does more damage than you can imagine, it even makes your current followers leave eventually. I think on this super creative platform, we can’t just bank on a selfie or poorly shot pictures or poorly drafted content to get us the reach that we want. Become a source of useful information that can actually entertain or help people in some way.
  • Stories – Use this Instagram stories feature well! It helps you pop up in the feed & forces people to tap. But don’t overdo it, make sure content you put up on your story should be again worthy & interesting, you can even tag brands, collaborators, fellow influencers to get more engagement. The more good quality stories you put up the more your engagement goes up. You can also use hashtags in the stories that can keep increasing your reach.
  • Hashtags – This one has to be used wisely. You have a limit of 30 hashtags in each post on Instagram, but you don’t have to utilise them all in one go. Mix your hashtags, popular hashtags + very niche/specific tags as well. Also, you don’t have to put all of them in your post to avoid crowding it, you can add some of them in your comment section soon after you have posted a picture. Both serve the same purpose.
  • Be original & be Authentic – Don’t claim to be something you are not. Complete your (Public)profile & make sure your details are authentic. Taking inspiration from others is great! But Don’t try to copy someone else’s content ideas or any information that people can double check & put you in a spot!
  • Engage & interact – Instagram is not a one sided platform, so don’t just keep posting more & expect to grow. One huge way to stand out is with “Comments”!!! Make effort to comment on pictures of different people, bloggers or influencers, feature them on your stories, get interactive & build a relationship of appreciating good content. Another important aspect is of responsiveness, please respond to every comment that you get on your posts. This increases your engagement activity which the algorithm closely watches. This helps it understand that you are not just a bot but a real person who is looking for real interactions through this platform. Also, it is considered quite rude/against insta etiquette if people comment on your picture and you don’t reply to them or return the gesture, especially when the comments come from profiles that are highly engaging on Instagram.
  • #storyexchangewithTSP – about a month ago I started this small initiative to feature content creators and bloggers through my stories to help them reach out to more people. The concept is very simple. It’s about sharing any of my last posts in your story and in return I will do the same for you I have a decent following it benefits you reaching out to more people & same for me. Look for such opportunities. (To be a part of #storyexchangewithTSP follow me here & watch out for it in my stories.)

I hope these hacks help you grow your Instagram to your expectations. Do let me know your feedback in my comments section below.

Until the next post #staycreative & #stayhappy