How to attract good luck?

Recently I received many messages asking me to share tips or tricks to attract good luck into our lives, so I thought of writing a post on this sharing what I know.

First Things first! Good luck basically means good/ positive energies and vibes. Also, There is no magic mantra to change things overnight. It is a process. The process involves working on ourselves internally and externally both to attract the positive vibrations & all the positive vibes which in turn help us in the tasks we take up.

When do we actually need to attract positive energy in our lives??

This usually happens when we are struggling in life. Struggle can be at our school, college, work, in our relationships or when we are dealing with a financial loss, or an emotional trauma or in a situation where we are trying very hard but things don’t seem to work out for us in anyway. Some people are demotivated or disheartened easily.

I am also one of those people, Somehow on some days I am more vulnerable and that one insignificant failure depresses me and makes me feel not good enough. And it becomes a vicious circle where you keep trying to overcome the negativity but it just doesn’t seem work out. We become hub of storing negative energy & create blockages in our lives mentally or physically.

This is when it’s required to change the pattern and make yourself more receptive to positive energy and positive vibes which we call good luck in general so that we can succeed in the tasks that we take up.

Here are my 7 favorites, Which work so effectively, when applied sincerely :

1. Look at your surroundings :

you need to take a good look at your surroundings – where you live, where you work and where you spend most of your time. If you are constantly surrounding yourself with clutter, dust, stacks of unused things, leaking water taps/hoses or anything that catches your eyes. This sort of mess is stopping positive energy from entering your life. It means your are hoarding & keeping the negative energy stored around you. No wonder so any religious practice advice the same. Take time & clean up the mess. Make sure your office, your home are spic & span.

2. Plants play a big role : I have mentioned this earlier as well, plants act as a window to attract positive energy into our life. If you have plants it’s time to look at their health. Make sure your current plants are not rotting at the roots and are getting enough air and water to stay healthy. Lookout for pests and other infections. Take care of them. Now if you don’t have plants, you can start with some easy to grow plants that bring good luck and positivity. Plants are great at absorbing the negative energy & turning it into positive ones. But you must take up only as much you can take care of. Certain plants that are easy to maintain are the money plant, pothos of most kinds, the Jade plant, the bamboo plant and the Tulsi. Start with these & watch the change in your surroundings.

3. The power of sound, light & smell: I believe these can really change the vibes drastically. Hang windchimes outside your window, or balcony that produce soothing sounds, they work wonders in killing the negative energy. Spend some time in listening to soothing vibrational music or sounds that can play in the background while you finish chores for atleast 30 mins in the day. I will share the links of some of my favorites at the end of this post.

Light also plays a very important role in changing the energies of a room. A dimly lit place with access to natural or artificial light doesn’t add any pleasant effect to your surroundings. It is just attracting more dark and dingy energies. So try and keep your surroundings bright, soothing and amply lit where needed. You can creatively use fairy lights & lamp shades. Also lighting a lamp or a candle in the evening just adds to the effect. I leave the choice to you as to how you want to use the power of light but make sure you don’t leave any corners hungry for some positive lighting.

Smell is a powerful indicator of energies. Make sure your surroundings smell pleasant you can use agarbattis, incense lamps or candles to fill your surroundings with pleasant smell. Make sure the drains of your house are not smelly use room fresheners to get rid of the stink.

4. Cleanse your mind : the best way to attract positive energy is to cleanse your mind to become receptive to it. Meditate, even if it means sitting in silence for 10 mins, thinking nothing, eyes closed. Train your mind to enjoy this blank state. It needs practice & the results are amazing. Train your mind to distract itself from the trail of negative thoughts & feelings. It needs this rest.

5. Pray & affirm : It has Immense power. An ideal player basically includes first being thankful for what we have and feeling that gratefulness at the bottom of heart and second is using affirmations to attract what we want. The repetition of these two things changes our vibrations completely. If you believe in an idol and practice prayer often this just strengthens your belief & works faster. But if you usually do not pray then just writing down affirmations first of gratefulness of things that you are thankful for and following it up with what you are wanting out of your life, repetitively, everyday, consistently, changes your vibrations drastically.

6. Cleanse your karma :

We keep doing things that we consider right or wrong but sometimes we need to put an extra effort and clean the slate of our wrongdoings whatever those may be, with or without our concious knowledge. So the simplest way is to donate. You can donate food to the hungry, clothes to the poor, or even donate blood depending on what is accessible & comfortable to you at the moment. This is an investment we make to earn some more Brownie points in the game of karma.

7. Help: The luckiest people I have seen around me knowingly or unknowingly help people a lot. They offer a hand when it’s needed or when it is asked for. So look around you, somebody might be seeking some sort of help from you, take that opportunity. This way we cut out a lot of negative energies surrounding us and turn into positive ones. Mainly because when you help someone you earn positive response if not from the person directly then from the energy that is surrounding that person. You must take the opportunity and help the people in whatever capacity that you can. It can be as small as forwarding someone’s resume, sharing their post or putting them in contact with someone or something they need.

That’s all!!

Hope these 7 points Help you get some clarity to cleanse your negative energies and attract all the good luck that you need in life right now. Also remember each of these points can be further elaborated & studied. I have just consolidated these so that they become easy to understand and implement.

Below is the list of soundtracks that I love that help resonate positive energy is around you.

In case of any questions please free free to write to me. You can also follow me on Instagram to get some more insightful updates.

Until the next time stay positive and stay safe πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’“πŸ’“

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