Hey you mortal (poem)

Hey you mortal!
How foolish are you to pretend that you will last forever,
how foolish are you to believe that all you accumulate in this material world defines you?
You think it will stay with you forever?
In this time & age you are being sucked into a belief,
that all the material achievements & possessions is our real earnings.
There is a reason behind us feeling this way.
We are escaping the feeling world.
Why? Because it’s more work.
It’s more effort & less pretence.
It’s more from the inside & less from the outside.

Hey you mortal!
Who we are as a person defines us nothing more nothing less.
You have heard this before,right? Yet find it difficult to believe.
Our ability to be compassionate, to love, to be kind, to help each other is what we will be remembered for.

Hey you mortal!
Once you leave this earth you will only need a white cloth to wrap your soulless body in.
Some will cry, some will weep.
Some will for grieve for a few days and some will just wipe you out of their memory in a jiffy.
All these social media friends & fans, these colleagues, and even family, will sooner or later forget you.
Sad but true.
At last, The only thing that will force people to think of you or remember you, is a memory of how you behaved with them, how you made them feel. Your love, compassion, care and regard will stay.
That loving hug, a helpful gesture, even that excited goodbye wave.

Hey you mortal!
Your soul craves for something more meaningful, yet you stuff it with surface gold & glitter.
Can you provide your soul with the right fodder?
Something satisfying, peaceful, that makes your heart grow fonder.
Your habits, your things & your temporary flings,
Don’t have that power.
What has the real power is What you can do for others, your actions, your karma and your kind feelings.

Hey you mortal!
Try it, it’s not so difficult.
Step aside from this chaos, and focus on the little things you can do for people.
Spend some time doing good for others, and be more humble.
May be it will come back or may be it won’t.
But the fruit this bears will be the sweetest ever.
Go nurture your inner being,
become kinder, Go less on criticism & complaining.
Give that credit, clear your karmic dues,
This for sure will make you feel higher.
Make an effort to make someone’s day brighter.

Hey you mortal,
there is so much you can do!
Go nurture your soul.

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