My First Book is here – Umeni Therapy!

YES!!! It’s finally here. 
A project so dear to my heart & What can be a better place than this to share my special news!

Well, I have been working on methods for better engagement of adults at work and otherwise, to achieve the right work-life balance in a practical way. 

And I realized what can be better than art, something easy as well as something that enhances your creativity while it calms your mind at the same time.

Art therapy has been always a popular method to engage teens & adults across the world in all sizes of schools, colleges, corporate, educational or other kinds of organizational setups. 

After traveling across some countries & speaking to many people working on similar projects, I realized – How a simple activity can completely transform your mental vibrations.

So inspired by this therapy and collecting all of my artistic instincts along with all my love for art, I created my first book, which is easily accessible for all of you in India.

It called – #UmeniTherapy. 

The name(has a little story behind it), the designs and every little detail of the book is made with immense care and my love for art, just to give a a beautifully enriching experience! 
You will know when you will hold one in your hands!

The best de-stress relaxing activity on the go with some crazy designs. It works to enhance your creative skills and cuts down negative thought process drastically. From basic issues like stress, resentment, anger or even depression, it works wonders with all age groups starting from 12 to 90 years old. 

Worth a try!

So, Go ahead & fill in the colors while you are traveling, or taking a small break at work, or at home. It does not demand much time or effort and it is practically possible to fit this experience in your daily routine.

If this is something that excites you, It is the best gift you can give yourself! 

And to people around you like your spouse, your kids, colleagues, employees, Clients or partners.
I wouldn’t hesitate to say its the perfect gift for this festive season of #christmas too.

And, I would love it if you’d go ahead and pick up your personal copy here, to encourage me ->

UK/US/EU & everelsewhere

Please feel free to share this post and help me reach out to more people in our country to spread the awareness on #art and the beauty of it!

I will wait to hear about your artistic experience with #umenitherapy. Use this hashtag to share your updates and experiences with me on the below networks 🙂

Peace & Light!

You can find me on:

For Engagement Art therapy Workshop requests for your teams, groups or organizations, please feel free to write to me. 

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