Don’t waste your life for them!

Sometimes, admist all judgemental vibes and words, I forget who I really am. They make it sound so “ok” to rip off anybody’s reputation, character and effort?

Then I ask my self, is it these kind of people who most of us worry about and dont follow our dream, just so, a bunch jobless, mindless people can talk about us or approve us.
Is it because of such guys you dont educate the women of your house too much, or send them out to work, or even have them married or not.
Well lately I have been hanging out a lot with such kinds (not by choice, trust me) and I started observing the mindsets behind such harsh criticism and brutal reviews.
And what I observed was such a relief, cause I often assumed that since they are criticising say an actresses body, they once may have had a better one, or since they are criticising a woman’s effort to build a career, they must have had a glorious one of their own! But the shocking fact is, they did’nt!
And that is why they cant see another do it either!
This bunch can sometimes sadly include even your parents, uncles, aunts, relatives, neighbours and friends, or your spouse too.
Its just that for them its less effort to sit on a couch and find faults in others doings, than getting up and doing something about it themselves.
If you have had even a tiny seed of enthusiasm to do things , achieve things, do bigger things in life. Get out of that cage, Stop worrying about this bunch, and take that step. If they were an intellectual bunch or high achievers, it would make sense to consider their opinions and be a bit worried about their criticism, but since they are NOT, breathe a sigh of relief.
Don’t waste your dreams on them, take up that job, buy that dress, go for that holiday. 
If it makes you happy do it, dont hold back so much that you get weighed down with that bagage.
Live a good life!
Stay happy!

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