Indian #ricebucketchallenge

Hey #indians who have been taking the #icebucket challenge way too seriously. 

Please note this is an activity relevant to the developed countries like UK /US. The are collecting funds through donations to do relevant research on this diseas ALS.

However, For country like ours we have bigger problems at hand to tackle such as poverty, hunger, drought. 

Why dont you all show some enthusiasm for a similar challenge just with an indian touch to it. All you have to do is.

Take a bucket full of rice and donate it to the nearest poor person starving on the streets close to you. 

Click a pic or a video while you give it away, 

nominate 3 friends who gotta do it too. 

Its the #ricebucketchallenge

 I am sure if we all do it together. We might even eradicate hungry people from indian streets like in a week. 

Also the expression you will get from that poor person after they recieve it, will be priceless.

Go ahead show some love #india! 

I will be very glad if all my readers thake that step forward and start the chain. 

Till then, stay tuned for my video/pic and nominations 😉 


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