If only you knew!

She loved you hope you knew
She said it many times but what did you do
Love meant to grow better together,so she knew
But that seemed like impossible to you.
She loved to dance, you don’t so she gave it up
She loved to sing, you don’t have time for it, so she gave it up too
She wanted to jump and touch the sky, with you
But you couldn’t let go of the ground
So she gave up that too
She thought this would last only a while and you would eventually see her true
But that never happened
You faltered a million times, and she forgave you
Hoping that you’d know what damage it caused, but you didn’t
So she gave up that too.
The came a day, when she stepped back and took a good look,
Why and how she loved you too much, yet lost it too!
Now she had to let go.
She left hoping, if only you knew!

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