Are we human or are we @&₹#%!

The last word shall be as per your imagination, intellect & situation :p
What ever you may want to address the so called society that you live in. I am in a state of shock followed by disappointment almost every other day, and its triggered only when I start mingling and observing the society of people around me. The real middle class indian mind set. Its bloody scary. Its that kinda human crowd that has to be shaken up and reminded ‘hey, human, be human’. They have not kind of but completely drifted from the facts of their existence. They have stopped being human ages ago, they have absolutely no clue about love, compassion and co-existence. The main resons why humans were different from animals was their intellect, which these guys seem to have sold off I guess! This intellect which would have helped everybody co-exist and live with better understanding of life and their actions, which is of no use to them anymore. They are driven by the thought of ‘divide & rule’. They like divide one person from another on the basis of their – sub-caste, caste, creed, religion, complexion, the college they studied in, their hometowns, the languages they speak, etc etc. the list is never ending and highly competitive. Once the division is done, they put you in a sect based on the category you fit, and then the leaders of that sect are chosen. For example if its a religious followers category : based on who you follow(blindly & unconditionally) you are put in a common psyhological group, now out of this the most popular, well marketed by parents & family religious follower is chosen as the leader, who then has the authority to make claims about the religion, the people and most shockingly YOU. And while this happens You have no clue about it.
This ways there are many categories in which the society around you or your family is divided into, such as :
– children who drink alcohol
– children or individuals who did love marriages
– individuals who earn well
– women who wear bold clothes (like really) ps note bold clothes mean : knee length skirts and sleevless stuff :/
– women who work
Blah blah blah.
We are a part of a society today that uses the god gifted intellect to judge,criticise, discourage and disorient people and their lives. ultimately rooting FEAR of acceptnce 
& Approval. and whenever this fear takes over we see people ruining they lives to please others.
We need to know this mindset is killing humanity and I dont know why we (indians) are not able to be free from these type casts. 
Try not judging people on what god they follow and what they eat, you may be surprised with the beauty of human connection you may discover!
My only request to kids and adults reading this is, STOP encouraging this small thinking, stop being judgemental, to take the first step to break these chains we have grown around us and that is possible with education about where the @£$% the world is going these days and exposure – get such people around you to travel, meet new people and learn new things, and respect every individuals choices.
This mutual respect will help us all coexist and grow or else we wont we be humans no more!
and you wont have to ask your self are we humans or are we…..@£$%&! cause you will know  the answer.

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