Life lessons my rabbit taught me!

So I have a pet, a white albino rabbit, named Lucky. This guy just turned 4 last week, and I was wondering what could I do to let him know how much he has loved me and taught me. Well for him all he needed was a warm cuddle but then I guess writing about him will give me some more happiness, and may give you a chance to learn something from your pet too! Here are my top 5 lessons I learnt from Lucky!

1. Love’s got no language : 
we got him as a gift from a Very dear friend of mine, now the thing was we had no clue what rabbits are as pets, so we did our bit of research and relised they are caged animals kept for visual pleasure only. They dont have a mind of a dog or cat and have no such way of showing love and affection.this got me and my sister depressed and we got skeptical of havin him as a pet. But then something got to us and we decided to keep him but defying the regular rules of living of pet bunnies. We decided to not keep him in a cage and let him live like a dog or a cat. Now, Training him to do that was our challenge. Ofcourse we kept reading and discussing and convincing ourselves that this guy is just an animal all he will wanna do is But a few months down the line he was licking us, sleeping on us, cuddling n chasing us, wanting our attention and everything else that you would expect from a high IQ pet. Hence it is true that love finds a way, he just responded to all the love we gave him! You can’t teach anyone how to love, but give time and it will find its way! Love is a natural emotion and it exists in everything that is natural. So go out express it without any fears, love the way you are meant to.
2. Impossible is nothing: 
to achieve anything follow this – set a goal- prepare well- seize the opportunity- achieve. No matter how high I would put my fav food to avoid being eaten by Lucky, like on top of a table or a TV set, This guy will set his eyes on it, prepare and practice to get there, for days. He will crawl, jump, lean, squeeze through thin gaps, gallop, he will do what ever it takes to get there. And then he will wait for the next time I will put a piece of my doughnut right at the same spot, unaware of his newly acquired skills. A few minutes later I will see him gorging on it, still surprised how he got there! Then I backtracked what he was upto for the last few days – he was working on finding his way to that spot. Hence I learned for anything impossible to achieve I just need to do it the way he does. set a goal- prepare well- seize the opportunity- achieve!
3. Actions speak louder than words
not sure if you know, that rabbits are the most silent kinda pets, they make absolutely no noise whatsoever, so to communicate they’ve got no “bow, bow” or “meow meow”. Yet this guy lets us know wen he is elated, sad, grumpy, angry or not well. Hence this applies to us as well, we so often get driven by words of people that we dont have the time to notice their actions. Do yourself a favor, stop judging yourself or people on what they say instead just focus on their and your actions. They will speak louder than words.
4. Motivate yourself : 
what drives him to achieve the impossible or act crazy is – food. That’s his motivation, which helped us a great deal in training him . Find out yours! What is that motivates you, triggers the happy cells in your body, once you find that one thing, you can use it train yourself to achieve really big and impossible goals. It could be a trip to someplace, a mug of chilled beer, chicken steak, or something peculiar. Whatever it is, find it and use to make a better you!  (btw Lucky is toilet trained, has his specific zones in the house, knows where he is not permitted to enter, etc)
5. Take ownership: 
I am not gonna hide the fact that at times he does make us run around a bit, sometimes he is on a wire biting spree, so he would end up biting all the electric wires around the house. And we wouldnt find out until we would plug it in and expect the device to work. So once we caught him doin the act, the moment he saw us he paused, and stood still awaiting our reaction. He could have run away or hidden somewhere but nope! This guy just looked at me with those eyes, saying “ok, fine, I did it, now you have the right to bullshit me and I will take it” and he did the same thing each time he got caught doing something wrong! What this reminded me of, was this rare quality of people that made them great. It was the ability to take ownership for all the rights and the wrongs they did. A lot of adults around me dont have this level of ownership, and I wish to let them know, that its the grace and sincerity with which you accept your fault and get ready to face the results, that makes you great!l

I wish we humans are able to be even half as nice as our pets! And once we do this world will be a better place indeed!
We love you lucky & happy birthday! May you live another 100 years :*

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