DIY : Make lip gloss out of a lipstick

Hellow you all! Wish you all a fabulous new year, first.

I am quite excited as I made my own lip gloss in easy steps at home. This way I can recycle so many of my lipsticks. So I had a lakme lipstick which broke so it got really difficult for me to use it or carry it as it would often fall off its case. Anyways so I made it into a gloss which was easier for me to use. And I am sharing that recipe with you, now! So go ahead & recycle!

What you need :

Vaseline – preferably yellow Vaseline

A lipstick you want to turn into a gloss

A spatula

Double boiler set up ( a bowl with hot water, now whatever you want heat, place it in that bowl with water in it.this is indirect heating)

Sweet almond oil

Vitamin E oil capsules



Put your lipstick piece in the Vaseline jar, proportion of 1 part lipcolor, 2 parts jelly.

Place this in boiler bowl, let the mixture get warm, not hot though.

Mix it well, add 1 capsule of vitamin E oil. Mix again. The consistency needs to be gloss like so if it needs to be more loose, add a few drops of sweet almond oil.

Mix it well, place in hot water again, before pouring into an empty gloss container. You can reuse an old container which is clean. Make sure the container has a wide mouth, it’s easier to fill in, also pour in the mixture while it’s still warm.

Put it in the fridge for a while after that.

Voila! Your own lipgloss is ready 🙂

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