7 Habits that make you lose weight!

Weight maintainence gets tougher with age and time, due to our demanding lifestyles. But there are some simple habits which you can integrate in your daily routine and never put on weight again.
Infact you have make a concious effort initially but after a few days you will end up doing these like you are on auto pilot.

So here is a list of a few habit that can really transformyour body inside out:
1. Warm water in morning : as soon as you wake you get into a habit of having atleast 2 glasses of warm water, if you like lemon and honey taste then you can add these to your water. Warm water helps you flush out toxins from your body, it cleanses your food pipe and stomach of last night’s food leftovers and their acids. It also forces the kidneys to clean up last night’s residue of the body.

2. Heavy breakky, ok lunch, little dinner : this is the best thing you can do for your body’s digestive system. Get in to a habit of a heavy breakfast, roping in all the healthy foods like milk, eggs, walnuts, almonds, paranthas, oatmeal or whatever you like. It should be filling enough to let you last the entire day. Lunch shound be just average not too light nor too heavy. Dinner should be your lightest meal lowest in calories and fat. This way you will keep your body away from fat, acidity, digestion problems and lose weight faster than you can imagine.

3. Take the stairs: we waste so much electricity using lifts and elevators, you cannot even imagine. Why not start saving the planet and out health also. Take the stairs where ever possible. Not matter how many floors it is, atleast start! This way you give yourself power workouts in small durations that speed up your metabolism and give your heart a good excercise.

4. Walk: choose walking over riding your driving. First few times are awkward but trust me this habit pulls you out of that sedentary lifestyle you have been leading sitting in the car, in front of your tv, laptop. You built stamina and tone your body at the same time. You also save petrol and eventually money.

5. De-stress: stress is as fatal as a cancer, so beware! Its the first triggerr of all life threatening diseases. Make some time to destress daily. Play your favorite song, dance a little, sing a song, put on that fragrant candle, give your self a salt scrub bath, an aromatic oil massage. This habit of de stressing has much larger returns than what you can comprehend today!

6. Must have foods: you have to include these in your diet if you want a healthy life – milk, eggs, fish, fruits, salads, walnuts, almonds, lemon juice, honey, pulses.

7. Reduce carb intake : its better if you lower your carbohydrate intake gradually. Carbs come from -maida, bread, pasta, rice, roti, pav, bun.

These habits dont need extra time or effort, just a bit of sincerity towards building a healthy life!

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