Eyelashes : make them thicker, longer & better


Eyelashes play a huge role in making your eyes look gorgeous and beautiful. But not all of us are born with a beautiful pair or are not able to maintain them with increase lifestyle demands, make up and stress. But you can always fix the problem with a little effort and disciplined treatment.

So here are some tips I have consolidated, for you to have healthier, thicker and longer eyelashes.

1. Castor oil : at bedtime, apply a few drops on your fore finger and spread across your eyelashes while your eyes are shut and sleep over it. Castor oil moisturizes the eyelashes and helps them grow faster and thicker.

2. Remove make up well : everytime you have any eyeliner or mascara on, make sure you remove the make up well using a cleansing milk or baby oil. Leave no residue as it may cause your eyelashes to fall and lose their health.

3. Eat well : make sure you are on a healthy diet including loads of protein, fibre and vitamin E. Consume foods like sprouts, salads, fruits, milk, eggs and fish.

4. Massage eyes : keep your eyes healthy, sometimes with age you accumulate fat around the eye sockets. Most natural way to get rid of it is to massage your eyes to improve circulation. Every now and then indulge in chilled cucumber or potato slices placed on your eyelids as they soothe the eye nerves.

5. Comb or brush them : use a clean, old mascara brush to comb your lashes followed by a lash curler, after washing your eyes. This way they curl and get a better shape. If you use mascara as a part of your daily make up regime, make sure its of a good brand with good quality. Its ok to invest in the best available product that will not harm them in the long run.

6. Yellow petroleum jelly/ good old vaseline: this works wonders, the original yellow vaseline does wonders. Apply some on the lashes at night and moisturize, condition & grow them faster.

These steps will start showing you results after a week only, but you have to be consistent.
Next time when you do any eye make up, see the difference with better, thicker and longer eyelashes.

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