DIY: make your own dry shampoo

So ya, I ironed my hair a few days back and it looked fab, but soon my scalp got all oily and limpy. I so did not want to wash my hair and let go of that smooth, ironed hair look. This made me do some experiments and come up with a good dry shampoo recipe, that would help me get rid of the dirt, grime and oil from my hair with out washing.
Dry shampoo is powder based and is sprinkled on to the hair through a salt or pepper type sprinkler, You can use that type empty sprinkler to fill in with your dry shampoo and apply all over your scalp, every corner. But make sure its not too much. Let it sit on to your hair for atleast 5 to 10 mins , then brush off everything from your hair. If your hair is very oily, rub your scalp with a thin linen cloth or blotting paper to absorb the extra oil, before application of your dry shampoo.
What I made, worked greatly on my hair and I could last a whole week with clean and fragrant hair without washing my hair with water.
Here’s my recipe.
1 tb spoon orange peel powder
1 tb spoon multani mitti/ fullers earth
1 tbspoon chandan powder
1 tbsp baby talcum powder with slight fragrance
1/2 spoon baking powder or cornflour

Mix well and put in your sprinkler, all ready to be used. This mix is natural and not harmful for your scalp and hair.

Happy Trying it!

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