Beautiful feet : DIY


We often underestimate the importance of beautiful and good looking feet! They can make or break your image peeping out of those sandals, stilettoes or chappals. Now this is applicable to all of you including men, women and specially those getting married soon.
By beautiful feet I mean healthy, clean, odorless, uncracked feet with an even skin tone. And you dont have to go to a salon every week to have them, you can do it all by yourself, at home easily and in a short time.

Here are some tried and tested practices that work wonders and fit your daily schedule easily, try them:

1. Cleanliness & hygiene: this is the most essential step, No beauty treatment will work if you have infections or smelly fungus growing between your feet fingers. Make a habit to wash your feet with soap and luke warm water, every night before going off to sleep, along with daily bathing of course. Use an old tooth brush to mildly scrub clean the nails and the skin under. Pat dry. Incase you have sweaty feet and have a habit to wear closed shoes in the day, use an anti perspirant on the sole of your feet or use talcum powder to absorb the sweat whenever you wear closed shoes. There are specific roll on and spray anti perspirants available for the feet.

2. Scrub well: use any scrub like almond, apricot or regular facial scrub twice a week to get rid dead skin and rough skin. Best home made scrub that works like a nourishing pack as well is this : milk cream aka malai -1 tbspoon + 1 teaspoon honey + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1tbspoon lemon juice, mix well now massage the feet with this mixture for atleast 10 mins till you see the mixture peeling off and falling off. Now wask off with luke warm water.

3. Moisturise: keep your feet moisturised all day. Use a thick cream or lotion at night like ponds cold cream, or the good old Vaseline jelly(yellow petroleum jelly does wonders for me), make sure you massage well so that the moisture seeps in all corners. If your feet are very dry you can wear socks to keep the moisture intact all night. In the day try using a sunscreen if your feet will be exposed, else a light non oily moisturiser does a good job.

4. Soak in: once a week soak your feet in warm water with rock salt and some protien shampoo, use a pumice stone to scrub of dead skin on the heels and all over the feet too. Clean the nail ingrowths with a old toothbrush. Pat dry, now massage well with baby oil, almond oil and olive oil, generously. Wear socks and leave over night. This will help even out skin and help cell regeneration.

5. Lemon it: if you have spots or dark marks on your feet, try this. It works for me. Every alternate morning, I take a lemon half, squeezed out and rub it on my feet evenly, its like using the lemon skin to scrub off the marks . I leave the juice on for 10 to 15 mins and then get into the shower or wash it off. This helps remove dark spots and lightens the skin tone. Incase you have any corns or open wounds pls do not apply this until they heal completely.

Each of these steps give great results from the first week onwards. Since these steps include mostly natural products they dont harm the skin. Try these and tell us if they made your feet happy!

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