Why are Men & women not equal in India?

May be I am feminist, may be not, I don’t care. 
If voicing my opinion will drive the point home & help create a better tomorrow, I am ready to do it every single day of my life!
Almost all of us are fed up & frustrated listening about crimes against women committed every min in India. But what we don’t see often are the roots of all this, lies in where such mentality arises from.
This man-woman inequality issue is way deep rooted and may take centuries to get out of our society. It is rooted in almost every boy from the time he is a 3 year old, and it is a fault of women themselves who allow them to think that they are superior to all women no matter what age or status they are at. 

It is the fault of all mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, girl friends, who have encouraged this mindset. Just the reactions have different levels, some men will just display that dominating behavior for some issues like ‘don’t wear this’ or ‘don’t go there’ & some for almost everything to take complete control and if this control boundary is violated the punishment is severe varying from a mere yell in public to burning one alive!
Unless all the women in this country unite to correct the base of this problem we will never overcome it!

All the women need to come together & pledge to educate and set boundaries to men and women around them about what does equality actually mean!
It will only make a difference when all of us come together to change this society, this country we live in!  

Here is what women can do for other women to help bring in this positive change:

  • Encourage the WOMEN around you to have a voice. Whether at home or work, encourage them to share their opinions & ideas. let them have a voice.
  • Stop pulling each other down, that bitch at work might be battling a 100 issues to get to work and kick ass at it, so its good for you if you know one such woman, don’t indulge in back biting or discouraging her, instead create a support system where in she doesn’t have to be a bitch to survive.
  • Positive feminism is the key: Educate one another, bring in positive feminism and not an angry, aggressive constantly argumentative one. A lot can be done without fighting always and by just conveying a point politely, addressing an issue gracefully. Teach young girls to be assertive and aware. Feminism doesn’t have to only be about brash words, screaming slogans and road rallies.
  • Make men a part of this: Not all men are the same, there are many who agree with this need of equality. Instead of cornering them with accusations of how men treat women, Rope them in. They can help change other men as well. So stop shutting them down saying “You don’t know a thing a about feminism”. Instead make them aware, educate them and encourage them to help spread this forward. Be it your father, brother , son or a friend. Talk to them.
  • All the ladies need to step up and participate in this if you want any change! It can’t be done by someone else it is your job too. Get up and participate, in your style.

Hope this inspires you to bring in some positive changes towards equality in India.


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