Must have table etiquette

Table manners and etiquette speak volumes about one’s personality.

As a kid I have been taught well these basics, because my parents knew these habits set one’s class apart & add finesse to their personality, as I grew up it paid off well, so I know the importance :p

Bad table manners are a horrible thing you can do to your image/personality!
Hence basic table etiquette are a must have in life in general, for that big date, dinner, business meeting, conference or a huge red carpet or fine dining event of your life. You of course need to practice it every where you are on a table with people. Obviously you can skip it if you are eating alone :p

I have seen people who are well educated, well read and well traveled have the basic etiquette imbibed in them like a habit, an impressive one though. Hence decided to share some with you!

So here is my list of some very basic table manners/etiquette:

1. No noise please: This is a very critical one. Any noise from your body while eating or on the table works like a people repellent like burping, snorting, chewing loudly, etc. If you gotta do it, please excuse your self and move away from the table or go to a restroom. It’s a polite gesture to avoid ruining other’s meal experience.

2. For God’s sake, Chew well: Yes a lot of people don’t realize the amount of disgusting sights they create by chewing with their mouth open, slurping and making noise. So please have mercy on others sitting with you and chew silently with your mouth closed. It is not a good sight!

3. Hygiene is the key: Please wash your hands before the meal, don’t put your hands at inappropriate places while on the table like nose, ears, hair, etc. Don’t scratch yourself either.

4. Don’t stretch, Just ask for it: Yes, if you need something across the table pls request someone to pass it to you. Do not stretch and leap to get it your self. Remember it’s a meal table not a yoga mat!

5. Talk sense: I know, dinner or meal table conversations are great as long as they are NOT about anything unhygienic like poop, puke or how you have an upset stomach, or how much mucus you secrete daily! Pls save it for another time.

Phew, hope this very basic list helps you make others meal with you a pleasurable experience!
Good luck ladies & gentlemen πŸ™‚

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