No Hair fall please!

Hey Wannabe ‘Rapunzel’s I know this kills you everyday, when you see that trail of hair on your floor, brush or that pillow! And you often wonder, “Is this ever gonna stop?”

Rapunzel brushing her hair 2

“Hair fall” is as common as having a “Cold”, sad (Sigh) yet true!

But what is even more common – The cures for it, not through expensive products but simple age old home remedies that can fit your pocket & schedule both! Remember you will have to put in some effort & be consistent in your treatment, as nothing comes for free.

So you better do this sincerely or you may have to end up spending a bomb for that hair transplant later :p

PS: If you have any serious health condition or have a severe medical treatment going on, pls check with your doctor before using any home remedy!

Here are some fantastic ways to stop your hair fall and have gorgeous, thick & ever growing hair!

  1. Start taking a multivitamin tablet with anti-oxidants everyday.
  2. Please start exercising for at least 30 mins daily. If you dont have the time just promise yourself to use the stairs, NO MATTER WHAT!
  3. Comb or brush your hair at least 2 times daily. This increases circulation in your hair follicles/scalp.
  4. Increase your intake of fish, eggs, sprouts, milk and fresh fruits & salads.
  5. Soak 5 almonds(badam) + 5 Black raisins(kishmish) every night in a bowl of water, next morning have them all at breakfast or before. This is an old trick to increase hair growth and to stop hair fall.
  6. Change your shampoo every 2 months to avoid product built up in your hair.
  7. Use less of styling products & tools.
  8. Magic oil recipe #1:Take a glass bottle add 1 part methi(fenugreek seeds) and 3 parts coconut oil. Let it rest for at least 3 days. Once its color starts taking a slight yellow look, it means your oil is ready. Then use the oil on the scalp at night, atleast 2 times a week. Then wash it off next morning. See results after the 1st week itself.
  9. Magic oil recipe #2:Β  Take 1 part pure coconut oil, 1 part almont oil, 1 part olive oil. Use a double boiler to heat this mixture. Later add a few drops of lavender for fragrance. Apply this 2 times a week. Since this smells nice you can keep it on the hair during day time as well.
  10. Mustard oil is like a magic potion – its slightly pungent & tingles a bit too. But its fantastic for dry, rough & weak hair. Warm some in a double boiler and apply on the hair at night.
  11. Magic Hair mask #1: I love this one. Do this once in 10 days. 1 egg, 1 Table spoon ofΒ  honey, 1 table spoon curd, 1 table spoon aloe vera gel (fresh from the plant), 1 tea spoon amla (indian gooseberry) powder, 2 teaspoon soaked fenugreek seeds paste, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice. Whisk well into a thick paste, easy to apply on the scalp + hair section by section.Β  Incase you have hair longer than mid shoulder length, just double the proportion of the ingredients. Just Leave for 45 mins to 1.5 hour, then wash off with a mild shampoo. If you use a harsh shampoo the effect of the pack fades away shortly, so if you can afford to just rinse off with a herbal shampoo do that. Let your hair dry naturally. the next day you can oil it and let the oil sit overnight before you get back to your regular shampoo & conditioner routine.

Try these for at least a month and trust me you will have great hair like never before.

Do Tell me if it worked for you πŸ™‚



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