It’s all our fault she died!

Yes, it is.
I slept watching the news last nite & prayed for her speedy recovery, I could imagine a day soon when she would have walked out of that hospital all healthy & fine and got into the game herself to Fu*# those basta#@s! But I failed somewhere because she just died. I never wanted to wake up to this news but as I did I realized that its actually in the end our fault.
All of us who are Indians living in this country are at fault.
Our mistake is that we have conveyed a message of cowardice to such men that they can get away with anything they do to harm a woman.
Its our mistake that we tolerated each time we, our sisters, mothers, friends were eve teased, touched/felt in a crowd or made cheap comments at.
Its our fault every time we saw somebody protecting women of such a thing, we turned & said “chhod na apne ko kya karna hai??” and got away from getting involved in that fight or argument!
Its our fault we haven’t taught our women to slap, kick or abuse back when anyone encroaches their safety zone.
Its our fault that we have raised our women to always be scared of the society and be at mercy of men to protect them or provide for them.
Its our fault that we haven’t had enough arrangement to make our women strong enough to retaliate.
Its our fault that if someone even attempts to do so we tag them as feminist or too bold or other stupid words.
Let alone rape the culture of this country should be such that men tremble with fear before even eve teasing a woman.
If those 6 men were beaten the first time they ever eve teased a woman, they wouldn’t have had the gut to even think of a rape. But each time they must have been ignored for their misbehavior their belief on their own disgusting intentions/actions got stronger.
I am not saying that women need to start hunting for men on the streets post 10 pm & castrating them,but what I want to emphasize on is that we must encourage self defense for women. There are laws where in we are allowed to take extreme actions to protect our selves.
Not just the laws but all of us need to set an example next time an incident like that happens around us as men or women!
Slap that jerk, give him a mouthful and drag him to the cops and do this often until it all stops! if every woman starts doing this, these jobless bas@#$%s will learn their lesson well!
Don’t gift her flowers next time, gift her a damn pepper spray for that will be of greater use if she lives in India than the flowers!
Teach your sons, brothers and friends to RESPECT women.
Its time we realize that we make the society what it is, with our attitude, beliefs and actions.
If you think this does not concern you today, some day it will, and then it may be too late.
Act now, all of us need to get a power dose of guts to stop whats going wrong starting now!!

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