Majority Wins!!!

13, July 2011, serial blasts in Mumbai, India.

Yet again!! And I am sure many more to come considering the current state of affairs in India.

All I can see on any social networking site is people condemning the latest Mumbai terror attacks, but what more can each of them do apart from sitting in a comfortable office,house,coffee shop or mobile phone and criticise how badly someone else is doing the job.
But is that all each Indian can do??? or more so is there anything at all they WANT to do about it???

To understand operations of my very own country a little better,I would need some answers from each of you reading this(at least in your own head):

Here they are:

  1. Do you VOTE?
  2. Have you ever reported an unattended bag,parcel or vehicle?
  3. How difficult is it for someone to get a visa into India?
  4. Who makes the guidelines for the visa process?
  5. Do you have any idea what visa guidelines mean?
  6. Ever heard the saying: Majority wins, considering the terror attacks,corruption across the country, who’s side is the majority in?
  7. Are you included in the majority?
  8. What is YOUR positive contribution to improve the country’s conditions?
  9. Have you ever raised your voice against anything unlawful taking place in your vicinity?
  10. Have you ever refused to bribe a government official?
  11. Have you ever used the term “Chalta hai yaar”, “India ka kuch nahi ho sakta”, “chhod na”, “you can’t change the system yaar”?
  12. If you answered “yes” to the above question, do you think you have the right to call yourself a ‘responsible citizen’ of India?
  13. Do you feel that you can bring a change and do something about it?
  14. If you answered ‘No’ , you are reading a wrong blog, it wasn’t for you 🙂
  15. If you answered ‘yes’ then why don’t you do something about it?

Its very easy to count ‘what is not being done’, what is the most difficult is to count ‘what you have done’!
Remember there must be something wrong we as Indians are doing that has lead to such horrible conditions in the country.
Let’s focus on what we as individual ‘responsible Indians’ can bring to the table.
If each of us do our little bit the face of the country will change overnight, after all we are the 2nd largest population in the world: Majority wins 🙂 you see!!!

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