How ‘Thankful’ are we??

Honestly, we are not at all “thankful”. Why do I Say so???
Well because that is the word I do not hear around me often, with friends, with workmates,with neighbours with relatives, with almost everyone.
People today have a longer list of things that they are unhappy about, compared to the list of things they are thankful for; not even in their own head.
Trust me I have tried it all, and have learned that this world is heaven or hell, whatever you think it to be.
You want a quick DIY recipe for happiness here it is :
Learn to count your blessings, your compliments, your awards and your wishes.
Learn to say thank you to god, your parents, to your siblings, friends, teachers, fans, your government,your rickshaw wala,anyone and everyone who has helped you or made you feel special or has done something for you.
Feel it every time you say it and notice the change in your health, your skin, your well being and your atmosphere.
Its not easy for some, but its not impossible either.
Find it difficult to thank someone, try this!
Imagine- what if you did not have that service, that person or that facility in your life. what would you do then????
 if that doesn’t scare you ,don’t be thankful ; but if it does then please don’t lose and opportunity to be “thankful”.

Complaints are many compliments are few,
when troubles are the focus, happiness is with everyone but you.
Cribbing is the new fad, they say it makes you feel better when sad.
But all you end up doing is forgetting the blessings,
which in turn means inviting more miseries.
So to be happy today,
learn to say “thank you” everyday!

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